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6 Nov 2018

Chinese Local Governments developing relations with Latin America

Ignacio Araya Heredia is a Political Scientist with a Master of Public Management at Renmin University of China. Currently, he is working towards PhD in International Relations, at Central China Normal University, researching on “International Management of Chinese Cities: the […]

31 Oct 2018

Wellbeing economics and capabilities

Paul Dalziel is Professor of Economics and Deputy Director of the Agribusiness and Economics Research Unit at Lincoln University, New Zealand. His research focuses on economic and social policy, with an emphasis on regional economic development. He is a Fellow […]

23 Oct 2018

The Atlantic Arc: a raw-macro region?

Tamara Espiñeira is the Secretary-general of the network of Atlantic Cities, a platform for local authorities of the Atlantic Arc to defend their interests and co-create sustainable development. She’s also doing her Ph.D in Geography (Rennes 2 University), writing a […]

16 Oct 2018

The European Week of Regions and Cities

Dr. Phil Tomlinson is an Associate Professor with the Institute of Policy Research at the University of Bath. Last week I attended the European Week of Regions and Cities (EWRC) in Brussels. This is an annual event organised by the […]

9 Oct 2018

The Political Economy of Capital Cities

The following blog post is based on the book “The Political Economy of Capital Cities“. Think about Washington D.C. in comparison to New York in the United States. Take Switzerland as an example and compare Bern with Zurich or Geneva. […]

1 Oct 2018

Quality of Government in the EU

Why are some places better governed than other? What explains corruption and low levels of public services overwhelming good governance practices? Many studies explain these differences by looking at cultural factors as determinants of corruption, including trust in society and […]

11 Sep 2018

A New Perspective on Urban Development

Hans Westlund and Tigran Haas both work in the Department of Urban and Regional Studies at the KTH Institute of Technology. They recently co-edited the book “In The Post-Urban World Emergent Transformation of Cities and Regions in the Innovative Global […]

29 Aug 2018

Globalisation through FDI and regional development policy

Based on the paper “FDI and regional development policy”, to be presented at the 2018 SMARTER Conference on Smart Specialisation and Territorial Development: Implementation Across Global Networks of Regions, Cities and Firms. Seville, Spain. “Investment policymaking is getting more complex, […]

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